Pin Pads - Accept Debit Cards!

  • Reduce your fee to 0%
  • Flat fee of $.65 no matter how large the sale
  • Save up to 96% on your merchant account fee when you process debit cards with a pin pad!
  • Did you know that just by connecting a pin pad to the back of your credit card terminal you will pay only $.65 for a $1,000.00 sale? If you had rund this card with out a pin pad at 1.69% + $.25 you would have paid $17.15! $. 65 is the standard fee that a merchant is charged when their client enters their pin number on a pin pad to complete a sale.

    Why are debit cards so much less expensive? A debit card is directly linked to the client’s checking account, which guarantees that the funds are available for withdrawal, therefore reducing the risk of taking a bad card. In addition, only the original card holder will know the PIN for the card therefore reducing the risk of fraud.

    It's easy to see why smart retailers love to take payment through debit cards. Because there is no percentage of the sale taken by the credit card company (the discount rate), your transactions are run at an extremely low cost.

    For easy calculations, let's assume that you will make 100 debit card sales per month and average $100.00 per sale. Below is a typical cost analysis:


    Debit Card

    Credit Card

    Cost per sale

    100 @ .65 = $65.00

    100 @ .25 = $25.00

    Discount rate


    10,000@ 1.69% = $169.00

    Cost per month



    Cost per year



    Your annual savings will be $1,428.00! All you did was add a pin pad (Which is provided for free) to the back of your terminal!

    In addition, transactions cannot "downgrade." With debit cards, you will always pay the same flat fee as long as the customer enters their PIN (personal information number). You will not have to worry about paying expensive downgrade fees on transactions that did not qualify for the best rate.

    Faster check out time. Most merchants do not realize how much time it takes to hand a receipt and pen back and forth over the counter. Consumers appreciate the speed of online debit transactions and feel more comfortable making smaller purchases when they don't have to worry about holding up the line.

    Higher transaction approval rates. Because of the nature of the card, your customers will almost never have their transactions declined. This saves them embarrassment, and makes your sales process faster and friendlier.